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19 Laurie Meadows Dr, San Mateo, CA 94403
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Guadalajara Grill

19 Laurie Meadows Dr, San Mateo, CA 94403

We have been serving Mexican food at Guadalajara Grill since 2000. We are a family-owned restaurant, and we want our customers to feel like part of our family. Our restaurant is cozy and comfortable, and our location in the Laurie Meadows shopping center makes us a great place for a meal before or after a shopping trip.

One of the unique things about our menu is that we are health-conscious and emphasize the freshness of our food. We use only the freshest ingredients, and we make our sauces daily. In addition, we keep things light by using canola oil instead of lard

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If you want to start your day with one of our customers' favorites, order a breakfast burrito. We start with a pile of fluffy eggs in a tortilla, and combine them with savory chorizo and cheese to make a burrito with plenty of flavor. This burrito is served with salsa to make it spicier. Our customers also enjoy the enchirito burrito we offer for lunch or dinner. You can customize this large burrito by having it stuffed with your choice of meat. Next, we add beans, rice, cheese, and sour cream, and then finish it off with some spicy salsa and our house-made enchilada sauce. If you like burgers, try our cheeseburger burrito! True to its name, our cheeseburger burrito features ingredients you'd find in a familiar American cheeseburger, but with a Mexican twist. It has ground beef, cheese, bacon and mustard. We add salsa and sour cream to give it our own special touch and wrap it up in a flour tortilla. Our Caesar salad also has our own special touch. Lettuce, Parmesan cheese and grilled chicken are topped with chili croutons for extra spice. The salad is served in a tortilla shell.

If you are in the mood for fresh Mexican food, come and see us. We are always interested in making new friends and seeing them become regular customers.

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